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Here in Oklahoma, as everywhere, good people sometimes have legal problems – through no fault of their own. A good lawyer helps keep problems from getting worse, and often prevents them altogether.

Harry Lee Fogg’s two sons and grandson followed in the family practice. Today, attorney Richard Fogg carries on his grandfather’s legacy, helping Oklahomans. The Fogg Law Firm, established on November 16, 1901, is still growing. With the addition of attorney Chance Deaton to our legal team in October of 2014, we are as ready as ever to assist you with your legal needs. Our firm is built on a solid Western Oklahoma tradition of service in the areas of Wills, Probate and Estate Law, Trials, Business Entity Establishment, Oil & Gas Law, and Landowners rights..

Our History

For 115 years, we’ve helped the law help our neighbors.

The Fogg Law Firm’s roots in Oklahoma – and knowledge of Oklahoma law – run deep. Since 1901, four attorneys named Fogg – three generations – have worked in the El Reno practice, helping Oklahomans work out their differences, plan their futures, and understand their legal rights and responsibilities.

Today, attorneys Richard Fogg and Chance Deaton carry on the firm’s legacy of compassionate, reliable legal service.

Our Services

Just as there are many specialties in medicine, there are different areas of law. To ensure the best care for your legal rights, be sure you choose an attorney with plenty of experience in your particular situation.

Fogg Law Firm is a general practice firm, but has a longstanding reputation in estate planning, wills, probate and related litigation. We don’t just work in Canadian County, we are members of the communities, alongside the clients we serve. We are your neighbors, we give back to the communities we serve, we offer hands on, compassionate, and accessible legal service.

Our Team

An incredibly helpful, dedicated team.

When you work with the Fogg Law Firm, you get more than Richard Fogg’s 50-plus years of legal expertise. You also get the focused attention, concern and perspective of the firm’s close-knit, carefully chosen team.

Under Richard Fogg’s strategic vision and expert direction, the Fogg Law Firm staff will assist you with your legal problems, ready as ever to serve the needs of its clients.

The newest addition to our legal team, Attorney Chance Deaton, is taking care of our clients by developing tailored and effective Wills and Trusts, and is also assisting in the areas of property law, condemnation, oil and gas, and product liability.

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